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THDP + Simone Bretti

Established in 2004 by the couple Nicholas J Hickson and Manuela Mannino, THDP is an architecture and interior design studio based in Italy and London currently employed in the design and construction of prestigious hotel and residential projects. The goal of the studio is to provide to the customer quality, Italian design and production associated with the excellence of the English working method. THDP is a multidisciplinary studio, able to offer design, consultancy, development and execution services for both architectural and interior projects, providing tailor-made solutions for clients seeking a contemporary approach. THDP has a flexible vision, capable of reacting to the continuous change of the market and to the different needs of customers. A design approach that eliminates the boundaries between architecture, design and art, offering a wide range of diversified services in terms of hospitality, offices, real estate investments and private clients. The key objective is to encourage “creative associations” both with different professional figures and with the client himself, who is personally involved in the creative process, in order to provide complex solutions that develop and put into reality the client’s initial idea.