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Romain Lemahieu

Romain Lemahieu is a French designer who graduated with honors in 2013. After having lived in London and Madrid, he went back to Paris, inspired by these bubbling cities of creativity. He started his own business and worked for luxury brands in the world of cosmetics and perfumery. The world of perfumery is the guideline of his work, where he designs goods with emotion, finding novelty through containers and uses, poetry, elegance and escapes, always paying attention to details. Italamp is a family business with a traditional savoir-faire, combining luxury, elegance and modernity through the materials used, the search for innovative concepts and a deep respect for the environment. For their 40th anniversary, on the initiative of Roberta Vitadello, Romain Lemahieu was offered to create and exhibit his Fragrenzia collection at the Milan Furniture Fair in 2015 (Euroluce).